Do you want to know who is going to get the job offer?


Let's be realistic here. The person the hiring manager likes the best, is the person who gets the offer.  That 's all there is to it.  (Except that you must meet all the criteria for the position and your references have to be good.)  The trick is to realize that your competition is just as qualified as you are.  You have to be better liked than all of them. This book, The Peak Interview, shows you exactly how to win the offer and get the job.​ The method is base on psychology, including insights from the only psychologist to win the Nobel Prize.  The big secret is that the last thing you do in the interview seals the deal.  It's something no other book on job interviewing will tell you.

Get the Offer, Win the Job

Why do I need to know this?

​If you want to get the offer and win the job you should understand the psychology of the hiring manager's decision.  The Peak Interview will give you insights into how to manage that psychology.  Go to the Contact page to find out where to get the book

Why should I invest in this book?

You shouldn't.  Using the material in this book is about investing in yourself. 





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"Bill has some fascinating insights into the interview process and the kinds of techniques that will help you land the job. I would highly recommend his book, or if possible, attend an event in which he makes a live presentation. The book or the presentation will be well worth your time."
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Why and How

How to Create and Manage the Best Interview.

​If you understand what wins the interview, your chances of success go way up