Bill Burnett brings a wealth of international executive experience having lived in six countries outside the USA and worked with local teams in all sorts of cultural settings in more than 65 additional countries. Bill spent 10 years as Senior Vice President, Global Operation at Diners Club International, and another 5 as Senior Vice President Strategic Initiatives. Bill also worked for the US Forest Service, Textron, Pittsburg National Bank, Bank of America, and Citigroup.

He is married to Linda and they have three children, George 30, Madeleine 28, and Charlie, 21.

Bill has written three other books (working on a fourth) and numerous articles. He holds a BA from the University of Northern Colorado, and a Masters in International Business from the Moore School at the University of South Carolina. (if you know a kid thinking about international business, this masters program has frequently been ranked #1 in the world for its international scope according to the Financial Times and US News and World Report)

Other books by the author

The Peak Interview

The Peak Interview leverages psychological insights to begin to develop a strong positive relationship between the job candidate and the hiring managers. The author teaches interview candidates to ask the insightful questions and deliver well crafted stories that create a great interview.  

New insights into the job interview process that can give you an edge to win the interview and get the job. By the time you get to the job interview, the company has determined you are qualified for the job. But so are all the other interviewees. Your experience, skills, competencies, and abilities will not differentiate you. Your competitors are just as qualified as you are. You need an edge. Great jazz soloists know that when they are playing a solo, they have to hit one or two peaks in the body of the solo and end with a flourish. That's because people evaluate an experience based on its peaks (good or bad) and how the experience ended. The rest of the experience is remembered, but the way the human brain evaluates the experience is based on its peaks, and how it ends. This is called the 'Peak/End rule'. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman is credited with describing this rule. His insight had such a big impact on the study of Economics that he won the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics. 

The Peak Interview shows you how to leverage this, and other insights, as you prepare for and produce an outstanding interview. These insights can boost your chances of winning the interview and getting the job.

The author currently advises CEOs-in-transition and many of them attribute their success in landing a new role to the techniques in The Peak Interview.  Desmond Clark, the former Chicago Bear Tight End also attributes his landing a job in the first interview to The Peak Interview.

Occasionally the author volunteers a couple of hours and comes to in-transition religious, community and out-placement groups to give The Peak Interview talk to job candidates.  If you can attend one of those sessions, by all means, do so!

About the author

Most of the people who’ve heard the author give the Peak Interview presentation are members of the churches or synagogues or community groups that host the events.  Here’s what some of them have said:

“Bill presented his Peak Interview talk. WOW! He did a fabulous job of detailing the steps, processes and ingredients necessary to score a successful interview.” - C.W. 

“What makes him stand out is 1) his wisdom, 2) his knowledge of psychology and navigating in the professional realm [check out his book, The Peak Interview], and 3) his creativity, humor and wit.” -L.W.

“It is clear that the scientific evidence presented only serves to reinforce what all of us suspected; interviewing is about relationships, no more-no less and Bill explains it perfectly.” -M.R.

“I saw Bill present highlights from his book "The Peak Interview” - - he is a very personable, engaging and compelling presenter, and he offers practical, battle-tested advice.” -D.T.

“Thanks Bill for the great strategy and all the helpful tips.” -J.G.

“Most interview presentations cover how to ANSWER the interviewer’s questions. Instead, Bill's presentation covers the questions you should be ASKING the interviewer. Identified an interesting new direction to take the interview.” -D.H.

What Really Matters

Numerous  job candidates (including CEOs, Presidents, and other C-suite executives) in the Chicagoland area are having success using the interview techniques revealed in this little book.  

More CEOs than college students have used The Peak Interview techniques to get their next job. However we know one recent grad who went after only one job after undergraduate school and got it, then, after graduate school applied for only one job and got that one too...She's using the Peak Interview technique to bat 1000. 

What People are saying about

The Peak Interview

The most important thing is to know what to do

Access Peak Interview Videos that cover some of the material in the book.