"After reading the book, I used it's concepts in interviews with great results to close on two offers. My friend Mike read the book and he used Bill's suggestions to land a job on the second interview.

 Greg Hayward

"Interviewers are humans too and being able to connect in that short 30 minute or 1 hour of an interview means that you are half-way there in winning them over. Consciously following through on connecting with my interviewers helped and I got the role I wanted."


When I give The Peak Interview talk people often will ask me how to deal with age.

If you live far from Chicago, or have been unable to attend one of The Peak Interview talks, FEI in Chicago filmed one and you can watch it here.

In the first interview, they told him he was the least experienced and least qualified of the candidates they interviewed…so how did he get the job?

The Peak Interview starts with a story of the first Peak Interview the author experienced.  It involves the actor Gene Hackman.  You can read this story by pressing the download button below.

If you purchased the Kindle version of the book from Amazon, here is the Appendix section.  It contains some useful material to help you prepare for the best job interview of your life.  Download the PDF by pressing the download button below.